Biomass Gasification with High Temperature CO2 capture 

Project funding: Energy Catalyst, Innovate UK, £200k

Project lenght: 1 year, 2016


Bio-CCS is considered the only large-scale technology that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere and only in Europe, bio-CCS by synthetic biofuels via thermochemical processes could remove 800 Mt of CO2 from the atmosphere every year by 2050, representing a market rich of opportunities, since its development started only recently. This project aimed to test the technical feasibility of a novel integrated biomass waste gasification system with CO2 utilisaton able to convert biomass wastes from a variety of industries (e.g. refuse derived fuel, breweries, farms etc.) into carbon neutral renewable energy and added value products. The deliverable from the project will be a comprehensive dataset on the technical feasibility of a the integrated system. Key features of the developed system were in-situ conversion of CO2 to solid carbonates, high heat recovery efficiency, facility to transport/install worldwide.

The project was run in collaboration to Pyro Yiled Ltd.