Nur Adilah Rahman, PhD student

Office: JN 3.03

    Phone:+44 (0)131 451 4737


Nur Adilah Abd Rahman is a PhD candidate working on the Microalgae conversion into advanced biofuel through catalytic pyrolysis. She received her Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from University Putra Malaysia in 2010. Her final year project is on Extraction of bio oil from Jatropha seeds. For her Master's, she studied Environmental Engineering at National University of Malaysia. Her dissertation was written on Phytoremediation of PAH from petroleum wastewater using Scirpuss grossus. Currently, she published one book chapter and one journal paper. 

Her research interests include the development and application of catalysts for the development of biofuels. Besides, she also interested in biomass or waste conversion into renewable fuels. 

Her research interests include the development and application of catalysts for the development of biofuels; non-catalytic and catalytic biomass pyrolysis, microalgae, biomass pre-treatment and catalysts characterisation techniques.

Research Interests
  1. T. Aysu, N.A.A. Rahman, A.Sanna, (2016), Catalytic pyrolysis of Tetraselmis and Isochrysis microalgae by nickel ceria based catalysts for hydrocarbon production, Energy, 103, 205-214.

  2. A. Sanna, A.Rahman (2015), Algal Biomass cracking for biorefinery, Volume 2, Algal Biorefineries, Rakesh Bajpai, Ales Prokop and Mark Zappi, Editors, Springer.

Selected Publications