Fostered by the internationally recognised research as well as the outstanding facilities at Heriot-Watt University, the Advanced Biofuels Lab wants to play a role in the development of sustainable and cost-effective bio-based fuels and chemicals.

Research Summary

The Advanced Biofuels Lab research team is developing novel catalytic systems for the production of inexpensive renewable liquid fuel and commodity chemicals out of renewable products such as microalgae, wood and organic wastes, in collaboration with international researchers.

Also, the team is supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in developing alterative processes for turning their wastes from liability to assets and to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions.

In summary, our R&D expertise and interests are in bioenergy and waste valorisation combining catalysis, materials science and chemical engineering aspects, including: catalytic membrane reactors, auger reactors, techno economic assessment, pre and post combustion CO2 capture using high temperature solid sorbents, catalytic pyrolysis, gasification, hydrotreating and aqueous phase processing for bio-oils upgrading and mineral carbonation technologies.


Novel Ru- polyethersulfone (PES) catalytic membrane for highly efficient and selective hydrogenation of furfural to furfuryl alcohol

Nannochloropsis algae pyrolysis with ceria-based catalysts for production of high-quality bio-oils

Hydrodeoxygenation of the aqueous fraction of bio-oil with Ru/C andPt/C catalysts

Effect of Li-LSX-zeolite on the in-situ catalytic deoxygenation and denitrogenation of
Isochrysis sp. microalgae pyrolysis vapours

Renewable Chemical Commodity Feedstocks from Integrated Catalytic Processing of Pyrolysis Oils

Development of sodium/lithium/fly ash sorbents for high temperature post-combustion CO2 capture